S.A.L.S.A is a work that will explain 5 key principles to you in a creative fashion. It will also discuss the relationship that salsa dancing and life carry independently and together. Each letter in S.A.L.S.A stand for something that will help you continue to grow as a person. This book will provide insight and information for you regardless of your experiences because we all have live life and we all experience rhythm in some way. Now, we will combine the two and grow from new found knowledge and refreshed ideas.

This book will address the insecurities that are keeping you from being your best you. It will break down exactly what the statement/question, Am I TOO Sexy? means and how it relates to each and every one of us in our every day lives.

Triumphs are incredible and I want them to be bountiful throughout your life; however, I also want you to realize that failures may come as well. Failure may come in different forms, but don't be discouraged. We all have the same experiences in life. Some people may talk about you, judge you and sometimes just to feel better about themselves. You are better than you think you are so always remember that! Sometimes people you are uncomfortable with themselves will try and make you feel uncomfortable with who you are. Remember to Know Yourself, Love Yourself & Be Yourself.

Just Because I am Doesn't Mean is a living, breathing tool. If you have yet to participate in this powerful workshop, you are in for a journey to a place where feelings, emotions and situations come alive. If you have already taken part in this workshop you are going to witness more thought-provoking statements and expression from people just like you. This is a collection of what "you" have thought but never said. As we grow as people the conversations we share can take us further than we can imagine. A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Let these shared and expressed thoughts be your first step.

The Art of Being a Super You is useful and beneficial for adolescence up to the age of 18. There are 5 Steps shared that will help your child grow and develop from the inside out. In addition to the 5 steps, there are a few bonus tips with daily activity suggestions! Each section has space allotted for your little or not so little person to take notes and game plane. Stan Pearson II, works with young people quite a bit and makes sure they have an opportunity to be interactive whether it's from the stage or in a book. The book is an entertaining read that once they finish it, they can always go back and pick up different points that will help them be successful. The book concentrates on building self-confidence within. There are so many instances of depression, suicide and bullying throughout the U.S. This book empowers its readers to be strong, develop themselves and how to find more value in making progress, not being overwhelmed with the thought of being perfect. Stan has over a decade of experience speaking on these issues and developed a creative, quick read to help those who may be in need. 

Front Cover the art of being a super you