The Art of Being a Super You

This book discusses leading from the inside out to help youth and even seasoned life livers build confidence and a healthy mental lifestyle from the inside out.

Just Because I am...Doesn't Mean...

This book is a diversity and inclusion workbook that helps facilitate difficult discussions in a simple format. It also allows one to create their own journal with their thoughts and expressions.

Am I TOO Sexy?

This book helps people find their sexy from the inside out. It focuses on issues we all face and how to get beyond them and build our self-esteem regardless of our life's experience.

The SALSA Life - Finding Your Rhythm

Salsa, finding your rhythm to success outlines a leadership session called, The SALSA Life where participants learn leadership and team-building skills while learning how to salsa dance.


The Art of Being a Super You

Am I TOO Sexy?
Just Because I am…Doesn’t Mean…
The SALSA Life
Love Letters

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