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I have always been an outgoing, fun-loving kid. I smiled, I laughed and most people could never tell when I was sad, depressed or overwhelmed. Over the years, my big smile made most people believe I was far more confident than I really was.  

I always hoped that in overcoming each obstacle or doubt that I would stay one step ahead. I could never let anyone know that I wasn't always as confident as I seemed, but I created my own system that held me together with the support of family. Heck, in high school, I was a member of THE BEST band in the country, playing trumpet and on the drumline. That sounds awesome, because it was, but not to all of my teammates on the football team. I listened to quips from teammates and even coaches. I'd go from Band to Football practice and then sometimes right back to band, hoping to have respect from both! I can honestly say, while I still have friends who I played football with, my bandmates fed me, challenged me and I often had more difficult band rehearsals than football practices. Every emotional, physical and mental defeat was channeled to develop my confidence and strengthen my self-esteem. My worth was based on my opinion and effort. To leave it in the hands of man, would be a mistake.  

I went to college and LOVED IT! I mean, I was involved in Housing, I was an RA, became involved in SGA and joined Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. where I made lifelong brothers. BUT I also made SO many mistakes. I wanted to be "cool". I wanted to be accepted by my peers! I wanted to be accepted by those who looked like me! Actually, I'd wanted that since grade school! I wanted to "talk black", "walk black", "act black". I was tired of being called a sell-out and an oreo because I was different. On top of all of that, my name was Stanley. And while I've always loved my name and as an adult have grown to carry it with pride and show it, it didn't necessarily make life easier for me growing up. All my life I just wanted to be black enough-whatever that meant at the time.


See.... for you, it might not be black enough; for you, it could be pretty enough, skinny enough, fit enough, talented enough, strong enough, smart enough, worthy enough, loved enough. We all struggle with that value of feeling "enough". The struggle didn't stop in college. Ultimately, the struggle may always exist, that's why we have to work on ourselves constantly.  

I've since interned for a Governor, a United States Senator on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Earned a BA in Spanish, Earned my MBA, owned my own latin dance studio, Received an Alumni of the Decade Award, worked for a University and then laid off from a Consulting Job which was devastating. All of that led me to becoming a 4-Time Author, Award Winning Speaker, Motivational Comedian and Actor where I get to travel the world teaching audiences from every demographic how to be their best selves!  

Success is very much rooted in Confidence and Self-esteem. There are many Students, Staff & Professionals who are missing out on life, promotions, jobs, opportunities because they lack Confidence and Self-esteem. Those qualities create a solid foundation in Leadership. You may be reading this and feel like YOU are missing key elements to Confidence and Self-esteem. I educate students, staff and professionals globally who are depressed, have experienced depression and who are struggling with confidence that will help them be the best version of themselves.  















Because you likely nodded yes while reading this and if you didn't, you know someone who would have. I've gathered sharp, thoughtful, intelligent minds to teach on mental health, confidence building, physical fitness, financial fitness, relationship building, business building, motivation, leadership and diversity! All of these topics impact confidence and self-esteem. This is the Ultimate Leadership Experience! I have also arranged an entertainment showcase.  

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