What you think but never say… How to Have Real Conversations About Real Situations

Why our differences should not divide us

This workshop discusses issues of racism and stereotypes in a way that makes it easy to talk about in mixed company. We all have issues and misconceptions and having a great discussion and facilitation will help move us to a better place in our communities and our campuses. This is one of the most engaging, interactive programs you will be a part of anywhere.  People will open up and thank you for having it.

Participants will learn:

  • How to interact productively and responsibly.

  • Better methods of recruiting.

  • How to retain members…Even the tough ones…

  • How to build their community.



5 Step Guide to Rehearse, Remix & Revive The Way You Lead

This is one of the most sought-after programs in the country. It is interactive, engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring programs you will experience. Salsa dancing is fun, healthy and entertaining if you’ve ever seen or done it. This program will provide those benefits and more. While learning the basics of Salsa dancing and non- verbal communication, everyone will learn 5 key leadership steps in life and in dancing. Everyone will receive insight that involves Supporting, Acting, Learning, Striving and Accepting that will provide relevance to ALL participants and that is a guarantee. It is powerful, fun and educational even if you aren’t dancing.This program is ideal for all audiences: outgoing students who can channel their skills, the shy student nervous to step out of their norm and anyone else looking to build their repertoire.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use non-verbal communication for better results.

  • How to deal with self-esteem and bullying.

  • How to be successful in the dance of life.

  • How to set proper goals and expectations.



How to Survive Change, Create Culture & Unite the Divide

This keynote/workshop addresses real meaning of excellence in communication, leadership and self-esteem. It all starts when we wake up in the morning with our daily routines and expectations; however, sometimes we have a glitch in our system. This program will help identify that glitch and put you into overdrive. This program will make you laugh, think, focus and evaluate whatever your going through and take you to the next level! It’s great for everyone. “Great for a Keynote or Workshop”



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