9 Diversity Keys for Dynamic Leadership

This Keynote can also be conducted as a workshop. It is a thought-provoking interaction presentation/discussion about the importance of actually understanding what Diversity is & how you succeed daily and consistently with an understanding of Diversity. Leadership is paramount; however, without a great understanding of diversity, leadership never truly reaches its full potential. This program will bring 9 pivotal points & thought-provoking conversation to the front of our minds so we can effectively adjust our attitudes, thrive in our lives & organizations while leading in a more inclusive format.


5 Ways To Lead With Purpose, Develop Your Gift & Discover Your Sexy from the Inside Out

Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a gift & everyone has confidence deep down that they wish would blossom as they get out into the world & learn more about themselves. The Art of Being You, will teach your audience how to be the BEST version of themselves. This program will teach them the value of Leadership & how to Motivate themselves during good & bad times. When you see someone successful, talented or famous, you always hear someone say, “Wow, they really have It or It really moved me”. We can go a lifetime saying that phrase while wondering why we don’t feel like we have “IT”, know what “IT” is or how to use “IT” once you know what it means to lead with purpose and develop your gifts, your ultimate “IT” falls into place. With humor, easy to follow/powerful to implement ways & reference points this program will outline your skill set and plan of action in achieving. You will learn techniques and thought out principles and guidelines that will help you reach your New Height  and learn how to be the best at what you do at all times. When you leave, you will know and understand how important, The Art of Being You, really is.

“Everyone has a calling and a purpose in this life. Its your responsibility to discover your calling and get about the business of doing it.” – Oprah Winfrey


5 Ways to Recruit, Retain & Rejuvenate You and Your Membership

(GREEK Life or Recruitment Based Organizations)

Get Right or Get Left is a program that will visit individuals in their experiences right now and will also touch aspects of recruiting, retention and pitfalls throughout the Greek experience. Sometimes our recruitment or enthusiasm suffer without the right mindset and plans in place to make us more successful. As Greeks, you want to do more than just exist, you want to grow in every way.  This program will show you how to do just that! It will show you how to Recruit, Retain and Rejuvenate You and Your membership. You have to stay rejuvenated as well.  The participants will be engaged, entertained and educated. It’s Time to Get Right.

LEADERSHIP, New Student Orientation, Teacher Training,

DIVERSITY, Black History Month, Greek Life,

TITLE I APPROVED, Conferences, Award & Event Host



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