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12 Ways to Bully Proof Your Campus, Your Workplace, Your Kid and Yourself!

October is National Bullying Prevention Month!

1. Empower voices.

2. Build people up while helping them develop confidence, an increased self-esteem & stronger steadily evolving mindset.

- Get involved in activities of all kinds. Be active and create time to reflect even for younger people. A peaceful mind is a happy one.

3. Address rude behavior.

- Bullies get worse because they go unchecked. If you put someone on notice earlier that you are aware of their behavior, they WILL lighten up or find someone else to bother, but either way letting them know is ok. It's best to let them know by questions. "Do you know you're being rude?" "Are you being rude on purpose?" "Did I do something to you for you to act this way?" All are questions that force reflection and pause.

4. Address any and all symptoms.

- Isolation

- Aggression

- Changed Behavior

- Temper

- Frustration

- Shift in Engagement

5. Stay mindful of home behavior. Your child is watching EVERYTHING & will mimic your behavior. If they aren’t comfortable mimicking the behavior they will mimic the behavior at school until they’ve mastered some piece of bulky behavior, THEN they will deploy it at home as well. Also: if a child or young person is bullying, it is a reflection of what they're seeing somewhere. This goes for adults too.

6. Adult bullies exist as well, so all of the above still applies. Speak up for yourself. Use Human Resources to navigate issues once your requests for peace go ignored and be clear that you just want to be able to do your job and enjoy your time at work.

7. I recommend not allowing compound interest of being bullied stack up. You will become someone you did not want to be if you let the behavior compound on you on either side.

8. Communicate daily with your family from what’s happening at work to the little ones about what’s happening at school. DAILY... And if something doesn't seem right, it isn't right.

9. Understand that it doesn’t make you weak to make people aware of how they are treating you. If it persists, go up the chain of command or continue appropriately relative to what you may be experiencing.

10. Get to the core. There’s always a ROOT, reason and behavior starts somewhere. Get to the core of the why and the solution lives in the same place. This goes for you too. If you are acting outside of yourself, get to the root that lives within you to be better today than you were yesterday.

11. Have a zero tolerance when dealing with it. Reprimand of some sort discourages the behavior and is necessary. This is not about feelings, this is about how to correct damaging, belittling and even dangerous behavior. You may be someone who’d be considered a bully reading this... Apply the same practice and change yourself. Make adjustments if you want to better yourself and if you don’t want to better yourself, worst case is there’s always someone bigger and badder than you. I don’t believe in scaring folks straight but the truth is still the truth! ❤️

12. At work and at home, you should create a grievances and announcements moment at a certain time before the day is offer. This allows you to mention anything bothering you or announce any changes or plans for the following day etc. It can help clear any issues that are on the table. This works at home, in classrooms at work or for organizations.

It's all Team Work. We are in this thing called life TOGETHER!

Last but not least....

Share this with young people, an employee or team member or someone you believe needs it!

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