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3 Simple Ways to Build Your Skillset on the Company Dime:

Updated: May 23, 2020

We're going to hop right into this. Why???? Because you have things to do!

#1: Find a necessary skill for your job that would enhance your performance and have the school/company pay for it. I know what you're thinking, budgets are frozen or I already do this. But have you been intentional about this? Align yourself with something that would benefit you at your job and also make the institution or company look better because YOU know how to do it. Courses in coding, graphic design, video editing, copy writing, marketing, advertising, facebook and instagram ads etc. Those are pieces that would benefit you greatly along with who employs you. Make sure that as you learn, you are figuring out ways to leverage your expertise. It's time to be even more creative because nothing is guaranteed, but if you find something that connects, your boss or THEIR boss will pay for it. Your thinking, but the money isn't there, Stan. It is there. It just isn't there for anything that won't directly impact your job, office or company. Find a way to get them to pay for your development and THEN add it to your skills on your resume.

#2: Ask your boss how you can do more to improve the state of the company, office and school. When they tell you, research the activity/function that they suggested then bring it to them. It was their idea. Lead with, I know you're busy with what you have going on and I have my projects; however, I'd be happy to take this on and brief you on what I've learned.

#3: Partner with at least one other person at an institution. You have friends at other places that may have similar interests and skillset. What better opportunity to say, "I've been collaborating w/ xyz person on ways to improve the office/school/student in xyz way and we found this resource." By partnering up, it will only be an investment of "this" and we execute this while building a relationship with another institution. Minds, resources and ideas are instantly multiplies PLUS, you officially have an accountability partner and maybe even a business partner when it is all said and done.

*Ask your boss or your boss' boss what pain points exist in your area or institution and then align what you're working on or trying to get sharper at WITH that issue.

I hope these 3 things helped. There are more, but this is a GREAT PLACE to start! Until next time.

BOOM! 2 minute read knocked out just like that. Now, before thinking of reasons of why this WON'T work, get a friend or begin writing down reasons of how it can work and begin to execute the plan!

Stan Pearson II, MBA

Chief Visionary, Mental Flight School

Virtualize Your Enterprise

Student Affairs & Consulting Firm ExPatriot

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