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3 TOP Secret Ways SAPros Can Supplement Their Income During COVID-19 w/ What They Already Know

Updated: May 7, 2020

Let me start off by saying I'm not trying to create more work for you in ANY way. I know you have a lot to do, especially with the "other duties as assigned" that's generally at the bottom of your job description. I care about you and appreciate you. I just wanted to provide you with some ideas that may spark your interest or engagement personally. I also know that pay doesn't always if ever reflect the work done in the field of student affairs. These 3 ways can be executed without a huge headache or additional frustration.

Here we go!

#1: Become an Advisor - Consultant for Talent:

- Before you think, but wait I'm not an agent. I'm not telling you to be an agent. Being an agent is one of the most difficult jobs. You end up managing careers, emotions and egos at times. I'm recommending you become an advisor or consultant. You may find that people ask you questions about what you do and how you do it. You may also be asked these questions by talent who would like to know best practices and the best way to connect with like audiences. You have intellectual property. You have expertise that others would love to be familiar with. Relationships matter so much and you have built plenty of relationships with people who want and need the information you know as second nature.

#2: Create a Course and Sell Your Expertise

- You are smart, you have a skill set and likely have more niched skill sets within your skill set. You are an expert in SOMETHING! Let me drive this home for you. In a court of law, an expert witness is simply someone in the room who knows more than everyone else. PERIOD. You are great at what you do. You know more than other people in your area. Not even all people, but some people is enough. The word course sounds overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. Can you make 3-5 videos that are 5-10 minutes long each teaching what you know? You're probably nodding your head yes, BECAUSE YOU CAN. Sometimes, people use complex language to confuse you or discourage you. Peel the layers back. Go to the core, go to the basics. You can create a youtube channel, use a simple free video editing software and BOOM. There you go. Heck, you are in perfect shape to use some resources that your institution provides to jump start what you're up to! Let people know what you have and what you offer. You don't have to do this full-time. You can do this and supplement your income a few hundred dollars a month or more! You have friends, resources and colleagues who need WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW. Feel comfortable selling your intellectual property. You have expertise in your field.

#3: Become a Referral Machine

- Become a referral machine? What does that even mean? Quite often talent or speakers do what I do. We give you a referral fee when you send our services to someone and the event happens. That means, if you sent my information to someone and they hire me and let me know you referred me, you would receive a gift card or check from me. Let's say they paid me $1500, you would receive $225.

The truth is agents collect anywhere from 15%-25% or more from talent. We are happy to give that 15% to someone for directly referring us who can use our service and share in a great experience teaching, helping or training staff and students. Your job is constant and something else that's constant is programming for staff and students. Wouldn't it be great to have a network of people who know, like and trust each other and all parties win because of it. These times have proven difficult for everyone. You refer people already but being more aware this helps. Imagine, 15% of $500 is $75, 15% of 1500 is $225 and 15% of $3500 is $525. Wouldn't that add up? Discuss this with your colleagues and friends and create a system of quality talent and speakers who would be of great service to your institution, students and staff. I know a lot of speakers and talent who lost 100% of their income for the next 3-4 months. It would be amazing to join forces and help each other thrive during these difficult times. You may learn that they can help you with #1 & #2 also! Bartering skill sets and opportunities is major!

DISCLAIMER: Some of you may be thinking this is a conflict of interest or unethical. Many of you work 40-50-60hrs. per week if not more. The pandemic and quarantine hasn't made those hours any easier. It WOULD ABSOLUTELY be unethical to say, "I'm not bringing you unless you pay me." or to suggest payment; however, some speakers or talent may tell you they have a referral or loyalty program. If they do and you refer them, it's that simple. I only share what I KNOW to work. These 3 strategies are in play and have proven to help supplement income in a positive way.

I truly hope you found this helpful in some way and feel free to ask me any questions on how to get started with any of the 3 Secret Tips. If something is difficult to navigate or you need clarity, there's nothing wrong with asking or gaining more knowledge.


This can work in ANY profession.

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Have a great day!

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