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3 Ways to Create a Better Mindset at the Dinner Table.

Yea Yea, I know it's all connected.... but we're going to keep these 3 short and simple!

1. Eat!!! I don't mean to patronize you or tell you something you don't know. Seems like a no brained but DO THAT! Know that what you eat may dictate how you feel OR what you DON'T EAT! Think to yourself right now if you've eaten today. I'm not even asking if it was healthy or not, but was it anything??? You should leave home with a snack or SOMETHING. If you don't eat, you can't perform. I don't care how good you are. You won't be your best self.

2. Try NOT to Scarf your food. It can lead to indigestion for sure which you might be saying duh but can also create stress and anxiety. Any constant act of anxiety can trigger stress even at the dinner table. It's recommended to actually sit down when you can. Find a place to sit down and eat dinner. Make this a thing. I know you're busy and that you have so much to do, but your mind is counting on you. Eating fast triggers stress hormones which will activity anxiety naturally.

3. Chew your food 20 times more than you normally do. When you do this, it naturally triggers relaxation. When you take your time, you recognize the source of the food, the means in which you came to have it and what its doing for you. This may sound/read/seem very woosah and maybe it is but it is a fact. In these moments when you are REALLY forcing yourself to slow down, think about where they food is coming from which is truly the earth, your hard work paying off or time put in and enjoy with every chew. If nothing else, this will slow you down. Everything in life is rushed from time to time, feel free to take your time here and share the reason why when someone asks. Your mind will thank you. Relaxation isn't always easy to attain, so when you can control it or activate it, you should.

There are clearly more, but I thought this was a great place to start!

BOOM! Hope this is helpful. ❤️

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