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5 Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Create Virtual Engagement

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I know you're busy, so let's hop right into it.

Mistake #1:

     - Assuming that the same approach will work for every event or audience. Language and approach matters, especially in marketing. Now, before you say I'm not into business, marketing or advertising, I must tell you now that EVERYTHING is business, marketing or advertising. Something being able to grab your attention is simply marketing and putting it where you can see it is advertising. That goes for anything or any place you want someone to show up. The way you'd invite a professor may not be the way you invite a student and the way you may invite a student who is involved in greek life or anime is not the same way or language you would necessarily use to invite an athlete. There are obviously exceptions to every rule, but understand this mistake and consider your language when trying to attract a particular audience.

Mistake #2: 

     - Thinking that posting is the same thing as marketing and advertising. While on the surface one can argue that it is marketing and advertising, ask yourself this. When is the last time, "if" you are out and about or on social media that you saw ONE McDonald's ad or ONE car commercial or ONE _________ fill in the blank commercial. You'll never see just one State Farm commercial because just one wouldn't get your attention. So, while one person might see your post, what about all of the other people who could be there? There are different strategies, but the most important piece is understanding simply posting or doing one video and walking away hoping for people to show up or engage is not nearly as effective as we'd like it to be.

Mistake #3: 

- Not going where your audience is. You're thinking Stan, I'm on social media and that's where my audience is. haha You are partially right. Where are they on social media though? What hashtags do they search for, what groups do they participate in, what kind of things do they like and how old are they? Knowing what they like and do is one thing, but going to those places to find them is slightly more involved, BUT worth it. It's like great customer service. When you go to them and provide them with service, they will then come to you and bring their friends.

Mistake #4:

- Engaging on the wrong days and times. Imagine having events on Mondays after forgetting to promote Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unless you use the correct language and have Monday built in for someone to look forward to, Monday events flop for a lot of in person and virtual events. If you had a MoTown Monday event where you played all MoTown Music, that would probably go over well because it's built in. If it is purposely done, you can work it and develop it, but otherwise, Mondays and Fridays can be difficult days to pull off. I'm sending this on a Monday on purpose to start your week off with something that can help or provoke thought going into the rest of the week. It's light and practical if you want to come back to it. Regarding time, you want to strike while the iron is hot or in this case when things have cooled down a bit. Find the sweet spot of days that make the most sense for your audience.

Mistake #5: 

- Counting on the regulars. I worked in student affairs before and even in business, it's easy to know the same people who will show up no matter what you do. Those are the low hanging fruit people. What about when they have something to do or somewhere to be? that person who normally brings the crowd is out of pocket along with their crew. The best way to guarantee regular attendance and engagement is to bring a steady flow of new people who will enjoy what you're offering. Think back to the last time you were at the mall or heck, one of my personal favorites COSTCO! Restaurants or your favorite grocery store have people in the aisle or around the store giving you free samples... Ahhhh, my favorite. haha Those samples are to introduce you to something new. There are already people who buy it, but they want more people to buy it. It works, so it's time to create something similar on your end. The regulars are awesome, but imagine creating new regulars for your engagement!

Engagement isn't always the easiest to navigate, especially with so much going on, so feel free to let me know if you have any questions. It can be overwhelming, but delivering ways to lessen your load can prove helpful. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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