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5 Ways to Improve Your Life w/ Charlize Theron

Later this week, I'll spend more time expounding on my chat with Award Winning Actress Charlize Theron; however, I wanted to get a few direct points to you immediately. I covered a Charity Gala called GEANCO which is an amazing organization that helps educate young girls in Nigeria who have been victims of abuse and they provide medical mission surgeries to people who are in need knee and hip replacements. They are TRULY amazing! Throughout the conversation and engagement I found a few points that were simple but effective and thoughtful so I wanted to share them with you. She was given a compliment about how human she is because there despite what Hollywood can do to a person, Charlize maintains a spirit of conviction, charity, love and respect for all. She's very much in the moment which is refreshing when you speak to anyone. I hope these 5 Tips are beneficial to you in some way and that if they are, you share them with someone in need or who could simply benefit from a reminder.

1. It's FREE to be kind. We must remember that even if you've had a rough day, the next person you come in contact with had nothing to do with it. You have a fresh start with every new person you engage.

2. Our surroundings are our EVERYTHING. You can continue to test people or even yourself, but our environments generally win us over. Consider that in the places you go, the people you spend time with and what you give your energy to. 3. We should almost schedule time to unplug. Most people we know with ourselves included STAY PLUGGED IN to social media. A walk is a great time to leave your phone or put it in your pocket. I often notice people exercising with their phone in hand. Let's do better and find a way to unplug. Some people will say they stopped watching the news, but forget that they tune into all of the negative information their phone with updates anyway! haha It's funny and real at the same time. 4. When you are given a compliment, say THANK YOU. Don't be so quick to try and denounce awesome things or complimentary things someone says to you. We all to often will accept the negative, but denounce the positive. Give that a switch. If someone tells you that you're awesome or that you did a great job, say thank you and that you appreciate it. Let the greatness that others see in you, FILL YOU UP! You deserve it. Good things come in handy during rough days. 5. Give, Create and Educate. Give when you feel it, create every day in some way whether it's an opportunity, a relationship or clarity and educate. If we are living life the way we should, we are receiving a little school every day. Be willing to educate or be educated regularly. Life just gets better when you know better and are willing to do better as a result. I hope this was helpful and useful! If we can manage to do these 5 things in SOME way every day, our overall life experience and love for life will improve regularly.

Feel free to share this with someone who could benefit from it or as a reminder to who we are trying to be on a regular basis with our friends, colleagues, students and fellow humans.

All the best to you and have an amazing day!


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