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Ever Think About Quitting Your Job? 3 Things to Help You Cope & Stay on Your Game!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

At least nod yes with me so I don't feel like I'm the only one. Sometimes days get long, bosses become unthankful, co-workers try to act like your boss, duties become PLENTIFUL and you're doing your best to keep being a great employee without hurting someone. (hahaha) We have all been there or experience that feeling RIGHT NOW! Well, you may love your job but those feelings tip-toe in every once in a while. Today, happens to be Friday or somedays it will feel like one, so that helps most people to some extent. Either way, here are a few ways to fight the Overworked Blues.

1. Ask to tele-work (work from home) at least once a week or every other week (to start). You have to prove your productivity plan from home, but it is doable. That will help you breathe a little. I may do a video on the how to's. 

2. A good friend of mine Jon Vroman talks about a Daily Sweat. Find a way to sweat EVERY DAY. I LOVE IT! He has stressed the importance of sweating daily in some way. I would recommend a purposeful brisk walk before work, maybe even jumping jacks if you're able, hit the sauna, wall sits, or deep purposeful focused breathing sessions. If nothing else, this will wake you up and remind you that you are in control of your activity. Wake yourself up!

3. JOIN SOMETHING that has nothing to do with work. You say there's no time, I say we make time for what's important. Start understanding how important you are to everyone and most importantly yourself! Join a meet up group, a dance class or try a new place/restaurant etc. Make it your 'Cheers' where everyone knows you. If you are shy, PUSH YOURSELF to enjoy something new or something you enjoy that you haven't looked into yet. If you are outgoing, next level yourself- push yourself a bit more to switch up the monotony. Establish yourself elsewhere. If friends who are co-workers want to join you there, that's cool, but you'll have an official neutral ground if not home field advantage. It's just important to keep your mind right. Effort and work ethic are transferable skills so we want to make sure your spirits are up, your mind is sharp, and you're ready for every day even though they won't always be easy. Shout out to you if you've quit your job every day you get off work but then get up the next morning to go at it again! (YOU CAN DO THIS!) 

4. **BONUS** & Elementary to a degree. You are an asset, you are good at what you do, so carry yourself as such. Your colleagues will recognize the pride in what you do and will be less likely to push back when you do have a suggestion that might allow you more freedom. Also, when you are negotiating working from home or anything else,...

Say your terms and then (SAY NOTHING ELSE). Negotiation is often about discipline, so be willing to state your terms and be quiet until they speak. Silence is uncomfortable but it's their move and also, make sure you phrase it like, "How can we arrange....?" or "What would it take to....?"

When negotiating you want to stay away from questions that would only prompt Yes and No answers. You want to help the decision maker to find your Yes. Alright, I hope that helps! Have a great day!

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