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Is my life OVER because Facebook & Instagram are DOWN????


Why would I ask you a question like that at a time like this?! haha

I love you, I really do but if you don't find the right questions, we will never get the right answers.

I'll get this out of the way right now, linkedin is still working. Twitter is also still working. I wouldn't be able to tell you about TickTock or twitch because I'm not on those enough to really care and Clubhouse is also still working and thriving again in the wake of whatever is happening.

There is different speculation, but it's possible there was a date breach. The only advice I'll give about that right now is to make sure you either start or continue to do the 2 part login recognition system. That may seem like a pain, but it's the best way to protect your


passwords and your accounts. The 2 part login system is when they send you a text or email code to make sure it's you trying to log in. Make sure to do this and if you are around young people, advise them to do the same with their social media and anything they use to login to

an account.

1) Text, Call and Connect to People (offline). Present day, we are more lonely than ever. Even people with families are lonely, let alone people we know are LITERALLY alone every day. Reach out and connect with more people you know. Be willing to create what you want to see. It's not always easy but it's absolutely necessary.

2) Pick up the phone, care more & rest more.


3) This could be the perfect time to exercise more, breathe more, listen to healthy music more, meditate more and just CHILL more. We are dealing with so much trauma right now and anxiety driven news. Now is a great time to just "be".

4) Start a journal. Start by writing what you love about yourself as well as areas you'd like to improve in. Think and write it just like that.


5) Join something or start something you've been putting off.

- dance lessons

- karate class

- learning youtube university

- bettering yourself

- bettering relationships

Long story short, no your life is not over. You'll begin to realize that the best parts of life include you being fully plugged in and present for it. There's a lot of stress associated with social media especially if we're not using it correctly. It can be a painful place if we're letting it use us.

Be good to yourself and those around you.

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