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My Wife's 144 is the New 170!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I write this as my wife likely just sat down a few moments ago to take the LSAT again. THIS IS THE LAST TIME! haha Why is this the last time she takes the LSAT? It's the last time because I am 1000% sure that an admission's board will do more than look at her score. A few have already cheated themselves in the past who shall remain nameless in the state of Georgia, but I KNOW the right opportunity will see this and decide to treat themselves with one of the BRIGHTEST, CARING & KNOWLEDGABLE minds in the United States! Am I bias because she is my wife? I suppose you can "Yes" as you read this, until you get to the end of this only to realize you're nodding right with me for the right reasons!

Where do I begin? ok ok ok.... Many would like to know the kind of student you were in college. That's fair enough. Did Cynthia achieve a 4.0 in college???? NO! Yeap, I said it. See, I'm a fair guy. I also know I a decent amount of people who got 4.0's who don't have J.O.B's... She actually earned a 2.8 or so. You can check the tape on that. She was an ACTIVE STUDENT! She made an incredible impact on the Georgia State University campus. You're thinking.... Sure she did, Stan.... Why was it so impactful? Here is how....

She received the HIGHEST HONOR from GSU & from a department who'd never received the honor before. She was on stage with all of the dignitaries for graduation. Again, she received the highest form of recognition from her undergraduate alma mater.

******Nell Hamilton Trotter Student Leadership Award Recipient, 2008******

Other Awards & Accomplishments:

• Martin Luther King, Jr. Torch of Peace Award Recipient, 2008

• NASPA Minority Undergraduate Fellows Program (MUFP), 2007-2008

• Student Judicial Board Justice, 2006-2008

Cynthia is ALSO a founding member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

- This is significant for a number of reasons, but even more impressive because she was the ONLY member on Georgia State's campus recruiting, strolling, educating and growing her chapter which STILL EXISTS today and is thriving! The Delta Beta Chapter is a breath of fresh air who continues to breathe live into the Georgia State University Campus. Leadership isn't about how things are when you're there; leadership is the expectation and guidance that exists long after you've left. She would never say all of that about herself, so I'm taking the privilege and the honor of doing so.

Now would be a great time to tell you that she earned a 4.0 while in graduate school while at Kennesaw State University receiving a Master of Science in Conflict Management. I always joke around with her that she MUST have sat in the front row every day because she's masterful at conflict resolution and mediation. I should know! haha

Listen, I understand why scores are important. Scores can also be misleading. Numbers can lie. I say this with much respect to those who do well on their LSAT & go on to be great attorneys. I can also say this knowing there are many who do well on their LSAT who don't go on to be solid attorneys or attorneys at all. Cynthia is far more than her score. Heck, she has over 10 years of experience and industry knowledge working at the Fulton County District Attorney's office in Atlanta. She's personally handled over 9000 cases involving victim/witness contact and social services not to mention crisis intervention services to adult/juvenile felony crime victims and their families.

She then moved on to help Judge Blau as a judicial case manager at the Fulton County Juvenile Court. She was ONE OF THE BEST. If you don't believe me, walk into almost any court room and ask any judge or sheriff if they know Cynthia Padilla and their eyes will light up with a positive YES in their eyes. If they aren't sure, one degree away from them will know her. Hey, I'm taking new employees into consideration. =) #butimserious

She has since moved on to the Atlanta Lawyers Volunteer Foundation where she continues to do her best at every turn. She started as legal navigator and has blossomed into a new position as Legal Educator and Outreach Coordinator. She travels the city of Atlanta educating law enforcement and civilians on intimate partner violence and how to keep everyone more safe and aware of the nuances that exist in this steadily evolving space. She been responsible for training and educating interns, attorneys and staff members on how to better understand and deliver their expertise in the field of law. Yes, she's the REAL DEAL!

Why the 144 then, you ask? Great question...

She is a person of ZERO excuses. These aren't even excuses, these are things that have likely impeded better success thus far on the LSAT. She NEVER speaks about this stuff, but I'm her husband and love her beyond words so BOOM, here you go. Like many others, she has severe text anxiety that has effected her. She's been working through that in a number of ways. Aside from, something most don't know is.... for 2 years she was one of a few primary care givers to her "Opa" grand father. Opa & Tata moved from Puerto Rico and lived with her while she worked, studied and helped take care of him. Opa fell ill to alzheimer's and she did what family does. Whether it was shopping, changing, consoling Tata & helping Lita she was all hands on deck. Opa can no longer speak or move on his own, but she'd never complain or question, she just gets stuff done. Opa is still alive but has since returned to Puerto Rico with Tata. Puerto Rico is their home and that is where they are most comfortable these days. If you've ever been a primary care giver or know anyone who has been, you understand.

Something else most people don't know is Cynthia had epilepsy. I use the word had, because she does. Employers hardly know and friends don't really know. A missed day was just a missed day or an episode is just an episode with nothing to make a fuss about. She participates in epilepsy walks when she's able to but works past any limitations that want to present themselves as setbacks. Epilepsy has never and will never define her. Again, she is far beyond anything I wish to be. I'm just fortunate to be married to her and call her the mother of our son.

She pushes forward and excels at everything she does. Anyone that knows her, knows that she is beyond qualified for Law School and that ANY & EVERY Law School would benefit from admitting her. Any admissions counselor doing their job and reading letters would admit Cynthia into their program.

Heck, aside from her amazing professional and educational accomplishments, she LITERALLY has letters of recommendations from attorneys, directors, judges and a host of other people. I'm like she has over a decade of kick butt experience, grades, involvement AND letters from LEADERS in the industry! What in the world is going on admissions??? TREAT YOURSELF, don't CHEAT YOURSELF!

Listen, she won Victim Advocate of the Year 3 Years in a ROW!!! How is she gonna 3-PEAT?! Everyone knows how hard that is!

HEY, she's an avid fan of Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, and Law & Order series. She spends free time binge watching old episodes, playing tennis and taking care of my son and I! hahaha Yeap, she takes care of me too. This is a SLAM DUNK! It would be great for one of Georgia's Law Schools to recognize her i.e. GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY, school of law! I mean she's an alumni who even gives back... etc. etc. What's up??? She's a bi-lingual (spanish speaking) award winning professional with a disability who's been making waves all over the city of Atlanta! GSU or UGA we're open to negotiations. haha It's possible that a law school outside of the State of GA may win over her heart. It's her call ultimately, but it's time for those who believe in truly creating, housing and developing great attorneys to put Cynthia Padilla Pearson at the top of the list! That's where she belongs.

I'm so proud of you Cynthia! I know you're taking your LSAT right now. Relax and breathe deep and easy because your time is arriving. The right opportunity will find you because you have done the work to be seen, you've done it to the best of your ability and the right people will feel it and know it!

Congratulations to all future, present and flourishing attorneys. What you do has great responsibility and takes great work. We BOTH appreciate those who do it to the best of their ability. I shoot this message out into the world with all of the respect, love and admiration I can muster. I could say more, but I know you all are now nodding right along with me as promised. ;) Have an incredible day!

Love always and forever my Future Attorney!

- Stan II

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