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The Miracle Equation

The Miracle Equation, huh? What kind of miracles are we talking about here? First things first, I am here as a resource to connect you with positivity, personal and professional growth, from the inside out that may serve as a reminder or be a first time encounter to next level thinking. So, long story short, this is going to be good! I'm lucky enough to say I know the creator and author of The Miracle Equation and smart enough to dive into it myself as well as share it with those who come in contact with me. You may be wondering what the miracle equation is and who is responsible for it. #1 The Miracle Equation is a way of life. #2 The creator and author of The Miracle Equation is Hal Elrod. Actually, meet him below: the video is a brief introduction of Hal and why he wrote The Miracle Equation.

Let me start off by saying, I'm a fan of Hal as an author but even more so as a person. He is who he is on and off stage, on the pages of the book, and all around when you meet him. Here's a random thought and a LIGHT brag. I'm going to give myself a little credit because over time, I've been able to connect with awesome people who have led me to other awesome people. This connection is no different. I met Hal through someone I now call a friend and all around awesome person as well, Jon Vroman, founder & visionary of Front Row Dads. If we are a product of the people we model ourselves after or hang around, then having 2 more amazing people in my life is a game changer. Here's the thing, if I was going to be a more peaceful person, a happier person, and a more driven person, my surroundings would have to match the sentiment. The people and content I engage on social media has shifted as well as the type of people I regularly engage. Long story short, my life and my mind are much better & continue to evolve. Yours will too. NOW, let me dive into The Miracle Equation a bit.

The subtitle is not some metaphor or hidden message. It is a straight deliverable of how to. That message/mission is "The Two Decisions That Move Your Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable. (Unwavering Faith & Extraordinary Effort).

Ask yourself 3 questions right now.

What are your goals?

Do you want to achieve them?

What are you willing to do in order to achieve them?

Why are those questions important? They are important because sometimes we just jump into something without knowing why. We go after something without considering their importance, value to our lives or if we actually want it. The previous 3 questions I stated above WEED OUT the BS & they certainly get your attention, ESPECIALLY if you ask yourself these questions 3 times a day. When are those 3 times?

* When you wake up in the morning

* Mid-day

* When you're preparing to go to sleep

Understanding something about marketing & consumerism. We are all in that game. BILLION dollar operations Market, Market, Market. What do you think we should do to make sure we are in control of ourselves as best as we can? We should market to ourselves just as regularly if not more than everything else is. We do that by reminding ourselves of what we are trying to do and why. This is how your goals go from being Possible to Probable to Inevitable.

Understanding The Miracle Equation is also about understanding simple concepts that yield extraordinary rewards. Are we looking for happiness? The answer may be yes, but go a little deeper. What we are truly looking to attain is peace. Happiness can come and go, but when you are in control of your peace it can and will be everlasting especially when you spend time maintaining it.

If you still haven't bought the book, read it, or listened to it yet, I'll tell you something about Hal that you may have not heard yet. He LITERALLY died before. This is not a metaphor. He stopped breathing for several minutes. Upon coming out of his coma he was told he would never walk again only to walk out of the hospital weeks later. Listen, I'm not telling you everything, GET THE BOOK! My reason for telling you this is he had every reason to accept his "fate" & play by the rules he was given. Why is this point important? It's important because sometimes we get scared of the possibilities and make up reasons to slow down, stop or quit forever. It could be a job, promotion, new relationship or opportunity that we downplay. If you've come across this, there is no greater reason to say I quit than EVERYONE giving you permission to & supporting you in love. Sometimes, we need an example or motivation for a source who reminds us of who we are or want to be. Hal and The Miracle Equation map that out. Do you have to have a near death experience to do so? Absolutely not! It's probably better than you not wait until things are as bad as they could possibly be. You don't have to take pride in creating a less than desirable circumstance just to prove you rose above it. Hal decided to CAUSE the EFFECT instead of being a steady result of Cause & Effect. I hope that makes sense.

It takes work and it won't be convenient. I don't believe it's suppose to be. Heck, you'll find out Hal did some kind of Ultra Marathon and HE HATES running. He powered through to drive himself. He put himself around amazing people to help him achieve that goal. It went from Possible to Probable to Inevitable. You See? It's a constant mission of evolution.

I'm going to share one more piece that I found extremely helpful. Hal shared his 5 minute rule that he learned from one of his early sales managers. What is the 5 minute rule you ask? It's simple. Give yourself 5 minutes to get over a bad situation or experience. Right now as Hal explains in the book, 5 minutes doesn't seem like nearly enough time. How much time would be enough? I've asked this of people myself. Would a day be long enough? Would a week be long enough? Would a year, 10 or even 20 years or more be long enough? What if I told you the longer it takes you to get over something, the further away you get from being the person you were made to be. What if taking a year to get through a breakup actually moved you 2 years further away from your future soulmate? You don't have to believe my science. Think about something you've experienced or going through right now. How long have you been working through it? Now, write down the opportunities, events or fun times you've missed out on in that time. Listen, is it easy? It's not easy at first, but it IS worth it.

Hal deconstructs miracles. He makes them real for you so you can create miracle after miracle. You can create extraordinary changes in your life. Take your time at your own pace to get to where you want to get and to be who you are meant to be. You have a responsibility to take advantage of life, to call attention to your goals and turn them from possible, to probable, to inevitable.

So... What do you want to do?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts & comments. If you already have the book, please feel free to participate in the comments as well! Have an amazing day!

Stan Pearson II, MBA

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