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Top 10 Things You Should Know About the New App Clubhouse

Updated: Feb 27

1) Yes, it is ONLY for Apple/iPhone Users right now: You can download the app if you have an iPad; however, android users are on the outside looking in right now. It's not your fault that you'd just rather have crispy pictures instead of joining modern day society in every other way. I get it.... That part is a bit inconvenient for sure if you don't have an apple product, but aside from that it's all systems go!

2) You can build your credibility on Clubhouse: Sometimes, you can hide behind pictures and fluff on other apps; however, Clubhouse is VOICE ONLY. Speak when you have something valuable to say. Add value. It has been an incredible place to build virtual currency and credibility.

Be prepared and know what you're talking about if you're into making claims because you will be called out, questioned and challenged. I love it! People are less likely to troll on Clubhouse because they can and WILL be checked in real time. If you are a "know it all", you will quickly find out if you don't.

3) You can listen on Clubhouse and still be on your phone in another app: Why is that great? It's great because you can search/google and connect with people on other social media platforms who say something interesting in real time while you're still listening. You can take notes on your phone while listening as well. It's like Audio on Zoom or listening to a podcast.

4) If you raise your hand to say something and The Moderators/Panel accept you into the panel, RESPECT that space and mute yourself: As soon as you get pulled into the queue, make sure you're muted and that you wait your turn. It's like being on the golf course, there's no need to speak until it's your turn. There are rules you can preview before joining a room and unspoken rules you should abide by. I suppose you can do what you want, but people are taking note of those who respect the space and those who don't. The panel can also kick you out of the line-up.

5) You can schedule your own room/discussion: This is cool because you can start your own discussion and guide it. It's the equivalent to a FB Group. I would recommend having at least one other person to run the show with you. It can be overwhelming if you don't have help moderating. You may think you can do it by yourself, but if your room gets cooking the last thing you're going to want to have to do is accept people, find out who's un-muted etc. etc.

---------> It's the Ultimate Micro Networking Platform.

- Ed Lee @biggheaded, Realtor, Atlanta, GA

6) Create your profile bio in your notes and paste it in your Clubhouse profile: If you are someone who is big on esthetics, you'll want to do this.

Otherwise, you may find your bio looking like a run on sentence. "You" I'm YOU! haha I didn't realize it at first, but if you want a clean looking bio that someone who visits can look at it bullet point by bullet point or section by section, this is the way to go.

(What you do)

(How you serve)

(School/Degrees/Certification if you believe it's relevant or significant)


These aren't MUST HAVES; however, they make it easy for people to know you, pay you & connect with you. You can also connect your social media i.e. Twitter/Instagram as well.

7) You must be invited: Once you are invited and accept you will gain the ability to invite 5 others if I remember correctly. Be smart with your invites. Heck, may as well use them like survivor medallions, haha. They are in some ways social/virtual currency especially because you have to have one to gain access to this wealth of knowledge app.

Ask around if you want in. If you see someone talking about it, ask them about an invite if you're serious about growing and developing yourself, brand and business. You don't want to be left out on this one. "Hey, you have one of those invites left.... How about I give you my password and I participate once a day." This app is going to thrive, hahaha. This app is a gem.

8) You can be the fly on the wall: I know what I said in #2, but the great part about being able to just chill in the background is that you don't HAVE to speak. You can just sit back and listen to other people who DEFINITELY know what they're talking about. You don't have to be on video, you don't have to make sure your voice is ok, because you don't have to speak at all. You can just take notes and build your expertise like a low-key spy. It's an amazing way to learn without the stress of feeling like you have to know everything. You'll learn more in one Clubhouse group conversation that you've learn your whole life in a classroom. Heck, I learned more about the Covid-19 Vaccine over a few hours from Credible Doctors than any media outlet or article has taught me since this whole thing started.






9) You can customize your notifications: It's always great to be notified ONLY when someone you want to hear from is broadcasting.

10) You can leave quietly: There is a little button where you can just slip out without causing a ruckus. There's no need to announce that you're bouncing, you can just press the button and go. Just press the peace sign and go.

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