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Top 5 Diversity Programs to Book for Black History Month

What a great time to come across some of the leading diversity programs in the country. Each of these 5 sessions bring a unique approach to the diversity discussion. If you are interested in engagement, thought-provoking discussion and information you can actually use and grow from, the following programs would create amazing opportunities for your group!

These sessions create sustainable change and understanding for students, staff and organizations. Here are your Top 5 Diversity Programs to Book for Black History Month!

1) Our Differences Shouldn't Divide Us:

9 Diversity Keys for Dynamic Leadership

Our Differences Shouldn't Divide Us is a thought-provoking interactive presentation/discussion about the importance of actually understanding what Diversity is & how you succeed daily and consistently with an understanding of it.

Leadership is paramount; however, without a great understanding of diversity, leadership never truly reaches its full potential. This program will introduce 9 pivotal points & thought-provoking conversation to the front of our minds to create stronger communities and leaders.

Participants will learn:

* 9 keys to understanding.

* how to have difficult conversations.

* what empathy over ego means.

* how to build better community.

2) Code Switching:

Leaving Yourself at Home Code Switching: Leaving Yourself at Home Have you every felt like you couldn’t be yourself… every minute that you’re outside of your front door? If not, then you probably aren’t familiar with Code Switching & the danger it poses to true Diversity.

In this session, Chris engages the audience in a fun & educational way that leaves everyone moved & more aware of intersectionality issues in America.

One reason why you need to bring Chris Molina to your campus is because he presents in a way that is fun, engaging, and accessible. He is able to reach people that are often left out of the conversation.”

-Dr. Meara M. Habashi, Director of Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management at Purdue University

3) Stereotypes, Myths, and Misconceptions:

What You Believe Matters!

It can be difficult to relate to or understand the prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping that many experience on a regular basis. It’s even harder to acknowledge our own biases that may contribute unconsciously.

This session will probe the cultural biases that influence our behaviors and attitudes toward others while working collectively toward increasing our cultural competencies and mindfulness of others experiences and perspectives. You will have opportunities to engage in candid conversations exploring the effects that stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions leave behind while brainstorming ways to continually increase your awareness, skills, and knowledge in order to better support those we staff and serve.

4) The Talk:

The DEI Conversation That Your Leaders Aren’t Having

Described as an energetic light hearted cross between Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X this presentation teaches student leaders to:

  • Discover the one thing they’re not taught in any other DEI training.

  • Recognize 4 life changing skills they can use to handle any DEI conflict.

  • Uncover 3 fundamental truths that will never change no matter the times.

  • Deal with direct conflict that they may have in their organization

5) Opening Conversations on Race

Need a program on race that doesn’t center shame, blame, and guilt? In this program participants learn that opening conversations on racial issues in the workplace is a relational process. Dar guides a community toward a deeper, more-universal understanding of race so individuals and groups can confidently build relationships across race.

Using intergroup dialogue strategies, participants are able to develop greater awareness, appreciation, and respect for racial differences. This program can be customized for all levels and will support those struggling to open meaningful racial conversations or those currently developing strategies around complex racial issues.

Book a free discovery call with Dar here

Top 5 Diversity Sessions to Book for Your Group

1) Our Differences Shouldn't Divide Us -

2) Code Switching -

3) Stereotypes, Myths and Misconceptions -

4) The Talk -

5) Opening Conversations on Race -

Feel free to visit everyone's website to book them for your own experience and program! Everyone on this list has already been accepting dates so now is the time to prepare your 2021 Calendar. Have an amazing rest of the year!

Sincerely, Breathe Diversity, LLC

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