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Top 5 Mistakes People Make to Devalue Their Virtual Real-estate

1) Too negative too often: Sharing your experiences are one thing, going through a rough event is what we all experience but if you are regularly negative or divisive your audience.... well the kind of audience that brings good vibes will fade and your timeline will become draining and a buzz.

2) Lack of transparency: People like to know your story. The truth is people don’t always reveal their real but people appreciate it. Share your journey, let people see behind the scenes and let them get to know you as much as they need to.

3) Who they follow or engage: People only believe you’re a product of the people you hang around when you’re around good people. People pay attention. If your friends are mean and you allow it. If your friends are negative or mean people watch that as well. Decide who you want to be and beyond that decide who you are.

4) Lack consistency: Social media lives, posting is WORK. Sometimes people will go hard for two days and think they’ve done something. You just create momentum. Running social media is a REAL JOB when you post things that matter.

5) Don’t provide quality content for their audience: Be helpful, be useful be of service. If you make your posts all about you, it will affect your business and your platform. People will get tired of it being about you especially if you aren’t helpful to others. Be helpful, be of service, seek to be a better you daily. Your content should create experiences and opportunities for people to learn and grow with you.


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