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Top Things to do Before 11:59pm on 2020 - Prepare for 2021 with Practical Execution

Aside from the obvious and the many things you are thinking about, I'd love to give you a few small wins and things you can do to start your New Year off on the right foot. We aren't talking New Year's resolutions. We are talking WINS RIGHT NOW, no matter how big or small.

1) Buy a new toothbrush, start fresh from the inside out! A friend of mine shared with me some Japanese customs and one of them included getting a new tooth brush. Why not???

2) Get new sheets or wash your sheets to have fresh sheets on your bed to wake up to for 2021 or the new year! FRESH just feels good. You can do a pre-spring cleaning too! Tidying Up is always a good thing!

3) Adjust Your Social Media to help you be more of who you say you want to be. Delete as many people as you can who do not FEED YOUR SOUL, your intellect, your peace or your education! I MEAN THIS! You can't say you want to be "whoever" on an amazing level and then follow and engage foolishness on the internet.

People complain about social media being negative, but all too often sometimes, it's what you engage that finds you. BLOCK IT, don't engage it, delete it. In business, we call this non-negotiable. It's Necessary!!!!!


This may sound a little intense, but honestly, sometimes we do things to ourselves. We have to be honest about the situations we find ourselves in. I say this with LOVE and COMPASSION! BE WILLING TO EXECUTE what you say is important to you.

What advice or to do's do you have for those who want to start out the year or their new journey on the right foot???




Stan Pearson II, MBA


We aren't in control of everything, but for the things we can control, we should do our best to enjoy, appreciate and be who we want to be. We don't have to be perfect, we just have to make progress.

Let's grow together and be intentional about getting around the kind of people who can help you become more of who you'd like to be accompanied by more of what you'd like to do!

Love Always!

Stan II

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