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What has your job done for you lately?

Prepare yourself, develop yourself and be honest with yourself. How your place of work treats you during this time should be speaking volumes to you. While this is a crazy and stressful time, it’s also a time to PLAN THAT EXIT STRATEGY for when all of this is over OR to pivot.

We often ask for more time. While things are nuts, many parts of business have slowed down in some way. You MUST create time to focus on you. Many people are extremely loyal to their jobs, institutions or organizations.

2 things you must consider.

1. Are they loyal to you? 2. Are you being loyal to yourself?

This will all go down as one of the most defining moments in our lives and of our time. You must gain clarity in the midst of the chaos so you can come out of this with more clarity mentally to help you thrive as we move forward. Some will be starting from ground zero again so choosing and creating the right foundation will help tremendously.

* Protect the space you do control.

* Engage and purposefully seek out people you admire or would like to collaborate with in your field or a field you would like to deepen your knowledge base in.

* Dedicate daily time to learning a new skill or one that would compliment your present skill set. (via youtube or online courses)

Speak what you want to see & along with how those things can reveal themselves in your life or the following day in the smallest way to begin to tip the scale.

Let the above words begin to shape and develop your subconscious mind.


Peace, love and health to everyone.

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