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What's Your New Year's Evolution? - Resolution vs. Evolution Part I:


Oh sheesh... The evolution word. haha #1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! And this isn't about dieting. hahaha Here goes. I like using the word evolve/evolution because it has so much meaning and can be given context to help expand its reach of how it can effect us. In this case, I want to introduce a "new" phrase/question/approach to you. New Year's Evolution is the phrase, question whatever you'd like it to be. For example, you often hear people ask, what's your New Year's Resolution which generally prompts someone to mention something they want to change, do differently or commit to which is all good. Given my near obsession with the word evolve, I thought it made sense to begin to ask, "What's your New Year's Evolution?" Is that too hokie for you? Eh.... Maybe par for your course; HOWEVER, I'm committed to this question instead now.


If we need to draw a comparison of some sort, think about the car you drive, the bus or train you ride on, the plane you might fly in or the phone/computer your reading this on right now.... What have all of them done? They have ALL evolved in some way. Year in and year out products & systems find a way to evolve. Within the way they work, do they achieve different goals? I suppose they do, but what they do better than anything else is EVOLVE. We can even throw in automation/artificial intelligence and the role it's playing with companies and industries. It is another example of evolution. These systems are evolving, changing within themselves through adjustments in the world to operate better, more smoothly and with less obstructions. Are we much different? Absolutely not. What happens when you don't evolve with what's happening around you? Take a moment and think about the question. What happens? You develop discomfort, anxiety, frustration and sometimes a bit of isolation can set in. If don't at least move WITH changes and adjustments they will move beyond us.

What else evolves? Relationships evolve EVERY SINGLE DAY. The key is two people evolving together or a group of friends evolving together. You can probably think of a friend right now that you no longer have or recognize some distance has happened between you with nothing horrible being the cause.... THAT is some kind of evolution. You may be evolving in a different direction. It doesn't make either person bad, it just means you are growing in a different direction. There is evolution and de-evolution. It can be debated or proven that if you're not doing one, you are doing the other. You don't have to agree but it's WORTH a thought. Don't let the thought of you de-evolving stop you from shaking that off. You must be honest with yourself and the progress and work you've been putting in. If you don't put work in, you know it and you can probably date yourself back to when things started to backslide. It's ok. Make small changes. And YES, most of the time the most changes propel you into the kind of evolution that will grow you professionally and personally.


I can also say this. There are people, places and things that can make it more difficult for you to evolve; however, it's on you to prepare yourself and put yourself around the right people, places and things to overcome. Again, is it difficult... ABSOLUTELY!!!!! I've interviewed and sat down with COUNTLESS numbers of people who's experienced emotional, physical, psychological trauma of all sorts. They (we) know there has been a root cause to our pain. It has also been discovered that if we have any chance of rising above it and watering ourselves to grow then it will be exactly that, (us) watering ourselves to get to a place where we can develop the way we are capable of developing.

I made a post a few months ago that caught MAJOR heat in a professional group I'm in on FB. I posted, if you're easily triggered, you're easily controlled. A number of people liked the post and engaged it with positive or thought-provoking conversation; however, there was also a NUMBER of professionals who virtually attacked my character, my profession and me personally because of my statement complete with saying I was mislead, misguided and didn't understand people. Oddly enough, they proved my point. With one (meme) complete with an explanation for the meme, their entire day was consumed with attacking me and the post. There was so much anxiety created from the post that people tried to get me kicked out of the group and reported me. The comments were eventually turned off. I thought to myself, Thank God, I'm not a mean person or jerk and I'm posting this with professional expertise and care or I could have TRULY RUINED their week. Heck, to PROVE myself to some of them, I started to list everything that's ever triggered me to make them accept me and understand me, but some were too deep in their own thing and I understood like many of you may grow to understand... You can't change people and the more you try to change them, the more crazy you'll drive yourself in the process. The right people will receive the right message at the right time. Humble people can create the right moment to receive it. I say this to explain that some of the most profound things I've heard or coaching I've received or research I've done didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy inside or make me more secure in the skin I live in. It made me pause.... It made me think... It made me consider... It helped me evolve. I work with people EVERY DAY. I coach, consult, read, research and LISTEN to people. I invest thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR of my own money learning from experts in various fields in the effort to evolve. Like I always say, MUCH LIKE YOGA... It isn't easy to do, especially at first, but I'm always better for it when I finish.

So, dare I ask... What's your New Year's Evolution? Feel free to comment! How will you evolve? How will you continuously grow yourself? Instead of eating out an extra time this year, will you buy a book? Instead of buying a new pair of shoes will you buy a course? Instead of turning on the radio will you listen to a podcast that furthers and strengthens your interest and skill set at something? The choice is LITERALLY yours.

Simply understand that much of your frustration or lack of growth doesn't come from your ability to pick a resolution and try to commit to it, it comes from the inability to recognize or commit to what's been happening around you, the root of it and how to evolve in it, through it and because of it.


So again... What's your New Year's Evolution???

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